Kulmbach: marriage proposal after arrest – SPIEGEL ONLINE

As is well known, many people think about when and where the magic moment should happen before a marriage proposal. The action of a arrested man in Upper Franconia was rather spontaneous.

The 31-year-old made a marriage proposal to his girlfriend at the police station in Kulmbach on the evening of Christmas Day 2, a police spokesman said. The man had previously been chasing two officers.

As it turned out when he was arrested, he was searched with two arrest warrants and also carried a small amount of drugs with him. He asked the officials to speak to his girlfriend again. When she came to the police station, the man dropped to his knees in front of the woman and asked her to say yes, as the police spokesman said. The 29-year-old accepted the application.

However, the couple will probably only be able to go to the registry office after serving their prison term.

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