Impeachment: MPs debate, voting is delayed

The opening of impeachment proceedings against US President Donald Trump is still pending. Even hours after the debate in the House of Representatives started, there was still no vote. The Republicans had initially submitted numerous requests to delay the process. (Read here what exactly it is about.)

The MPs exchanged blows, which was opened by the Democrat and President of the House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi. “He left us with no choice. What we are discussing today is that the president has violated the constitution,” said Pelosi. “If we didn't act now, we wouldn't do our duty.”

House Justice Committee chairman Democrat Jerry Nadler said: “We don't hate President Trump. But we know that President Trump will continue to threaten the security, democracy and constitutional system of the nation if he is allowed to do so stay.”

Trump's Republican supporters were self-confident about the impeachment process – and went on the counter-offensive. “Democrats cannot get over the fact that Donald Trump is President of the United States and that they have no candidate to defeat him,” said Republican MP Doug Collins from Georgia. He described the trial against Trump as a “show”.

Republicans make bold comparisons

Republican MP Barry Loudermilk even said Trump was treated less fairly than Jesus before his crucifixion. After all, Jesus had the opportunity to face his accusers, said Loudermilk. Other Republicans described the vote as “manipulated by party politics” and did not shy away from bold historical comparisons.

MP Mike Kelly, for example, compared impeachment to the Japanese attack on the US military base at Pearl Harbor in World War II. He called the events in the House of Representatives a “day of shame”. This is how US President Franklin Roosevelt described the attack on Pearl Harbor.

Trump himself commented on the debate in clear words on Twitter: “Such hideous lies of the radical leftist non-Democrats. It is an attack on America and an attack on the Republican Party,” Trump wrote and made four exclamation marks.

Trump's campaign for the 2020 presidential election is apparently receiving great support from the proceedings against him. Trump's campaign team hopes to raise another $ 2 million in supporter funds by Wednesday alone, the AP news agency said.

The vote on the formal opening of impeachment proceedings is expected from 1 a.m. German time. The Republicans could delay the vote even further.

Trump is only the third president in US history to face such a vote. Since the House of Representatives is dominated by the Democrats, a majority are considered certain to open the procedure.

The actual process will only take place in the second chamber of the Congress – the US Senate. There, a two-thirds majority of 67 votes is required for impeachment. This would require at least 20 Republicans to side with the Democrats, which is highly unlikely.

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