Dresden: Stolen jewelry from the Green Vault – Police are considering an alleged purchase offer to the MDR

The police are considering an alleged purchase offer to the editors of the MDR program “Kripo live” for jewelry stolen from the Dresden Green Vault. “At the moment we can not assess whether they are free riders or whether there is something there,” said a spokesman for the police in Dresden. The MDR had reported on the alleged purchase offer on Sunday evening.

According to the report, an Israeli security company had previously received an anonymous nine million euro purchase offer for two pieces of jewelry from the Green Vault “through the same encrypted email address”. As part of the research into the case, the editors of “Kripo live” contacted the email address and were finally offered a third piece of jewelry. “For this, too, the alleged perpetrators demanded the payment of several million euros in bitcoins,” reported the MDR. In another email to the editors, the demand suddenly dropped “to a significantly lower amount”. In a subsequent email it said: “We will soon cut out the diamonds and grind them again.”

However, the investigative authorities in Dresden had said on Friday that they had no evidence that stolen pieces of jewelry from the Green Vault had been offered for sale by an Israeli security company. The police and public prosecutor also rejected the statement that the security company CGI had been commissioned to investigate the spectacular theft of jewels: “The public prosecutor's office in Dresden, the Dresden police department and the Dresden State Art Collections did not have the Israeli company CGI checking the security concept in the Green Vault or commissioned with other investigations, “said the Dresden public prosecutor.

In November, two unknown persons entered the famous 18th century treasury museum in Dresden's Residenzschloss and captured several pieces within a few minutes. When the police arrived, thieves and loot were gone.

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